It goes without saying that creativity for brand recall on online advertising counts, along with its ad positioning of course, but we’re not sure whether a particular colour does count on online advertising as reported in a recent study by Criteo. And if it did, what would the outcome be if all the ads used the same dominant colour? We would most certainly agree with Criteo’s findings that repetition of online advertising does increase positive thoughts towards a company or a brand, and brand recall.

Here are just 3 key findings by Criteo’s recent study of 2,200 adults:

  • Nearly a quarter of UK adults said the colour red makes them notice an online advertisement most.
  • Women (22%) are more attracted to colour-rich advertisements compared to men (15%), with purple creating the greatest divide.
  • A third of Brits (33%) said on average they need to see an advert up to five times before they start to feel positive about that company.