What Wrigley Foster Do

At the forefront of innovative media planning and buying

Specialist Audiences

We plan and buy media campaigns to reach the following audiences in every kind of discipline, globally, pan-regional or on a UK level.

Primary Care

General Practitioners
CCGs, Payers and Commissioners
Practice Managers

Secondary Care

Hospital Consultants


All Veterinary Surgeons
Veterinary Nurses and SQPs
Practice Managers


Consumers of Healthcare Products
Pet Owners
Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

Other HCPs

Clinical Researchers


Livestock Farmers
Arable Farmers
Equine Breeders

Our Approach to Planning

Our in depth knowledge of all relevant media channels, enables us to plan with accuracy and minimal wastage, ensuring all campaigns achieve maximum awareness.

At Wrigley Foster we have built excellent relations with our media partners, with cost savings being one of the benefits we then pass on to our clients ensuring the most cost-effective media campaigns.

We are also proud of our pedigree for being at the forefront of innovative planning and buying, always pushing the envelope, this can be borne out by our media partners and long term clients. Campaigns however are also underpinned by an extensive range of in-house media research tools.

This combination of creative planning, supported by our expert interpretation of the media data, the audiences and competitor advertising, ensures we deliver highly targeted and impactful media solutions with ROI measurements.

In our view though, the planning process doesn’t end here, during and post media activity we continue to monitor campaign effectiveness and refine where necessary. These insights are fed-back into successive campaigns to further increase effectiveness – we call this closed-loop media planning.





Media Channels We Engage For Specialist Markets

  • Print media
  • Digital media across all platforms
  • Email alerts and traditional print direct mail
  • Supplements and Advertorials
  • Sponsorship of meetings and CME Programmes
  • Global reprint procurement

Media Channels We Engage For D2C

  • National and regional press – offline and online
  • Magazines – offline and online
  • Radio
  • Out-of-home
  • Direct mail and leaflets
  • TV (through our like-minded TV buying agency associate)
  • Video on demand

For Your Marketing Team

As part of our extended service we hold introductory media training courses for new marketers – incorporating digital and print.

On a regular basis we also present media workshops and roadshows to ensure your marketers keep abreast of media trends and opportunities. And for market and reader insights, we present ‘Meet the Editor’ days with key on and offline publishers.